Does God Care About What We Wear For Occasions?

Interestingly, many people including some Christians have their prescribed uniforms that they choose to wear for occasions. However, the decent dressing code in the Holy Bible and the Quran do not care about any occasion wears. The Holy Bible and the Quran in nowhere in their chapters and verses made mention of occasion wear.

In short, evil is evil and can’t ever be right. Nowadays, the dressing code in some churches is abnormal yet their leaders turn deaf ears just to maintain their numbers to make big revenue.

The beautiful Ghanaian culture that Europeans admired is now replaced by western culture maybe worse. The acceptance of nudism and slay queens’ dresses will indeed send several people to hell. Don’t also forget that this is minor considering the ten commandments in the Bible.

Don’t let your dressing slips you. The guys who rush you for your nakedness are only interested to have just one-time sex satisfaction with you. Finally, no family will welcome a slay queen as their daughter-in-law.

What can we say about the ladies who wear clothing without air space? Fear what the scriptures say for heaven’s sake.


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