Wonders Shall Never End

In the last hours, wonder will keep repeating, we will hear of several crimes like murder, earthquakes, and many dreadful cases.

In the 35th farmers’ day edition, Nkyeremu News covered a story on a cassava tuber weighing 52 kilos with 21 feet in length at Nkwaaben in the Nkoranza municipality of the Bono East region.

Today, Nkyeremu News again has come out with a Pona Yam Tuber looking exactly like manhood. All these are the signs showing that the end is near.

Which group of people will be more interested to buy this Pona Yam from the market?

The debate of the 21 feet long cassava tuber is still in discussion, it will not be surprised to see another tuber in the form of the Holy Bible soon.



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