Techiman Asuma Leather Works Hosts 18 EU Sponsored Apprentices

18 apprentices, sponsored by the European Union, have successfully gained experience to be masters of their own. The 18 apprentices, including 4 ladies, were happy with their skills gained at the Asama Leather Works Training Center in Techiman of the Bono East region.

The one-month workshop has now given a new face to the 18 applicants who were sponsored by the EU.

The three regions that had the opportunity for the EU support are the Ashanti, Western, and Volta.

In the 2022 EU apprentices sponsorship package, only three centers in Ghana were satisfied to train the apprentices. According to Asuma Ibrahim, the EU considered several factors in the selection of the centers for the training. Ausman however, failed to speak about Ghanaian sponsorships and 1D1F.

Asama Ibrahim started his trade as a Shoe Shine Boy when he was in the basic school in 1993. After his JHS he started using a table shop and now, a training center which has been acknowledged by the EU.

Asama Ibrahim has 15 active workers, with 5 others working for pay. His products meet global standards. His major challenge is how to meet customers’ demands. On a good day, they can produce 50 articles including, shoes, slippers half shoes, and more.

Asama Ibrahim is calling for financial support to do more and create more job opportunities.

Shadrick Osei Kwame shares his happiness with Nkyeremu News.



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