Can Any Football Analyst Tell The Number Of Coaches And CEOs Fired By Heart And Kotoko?_

Can any football analyst tell the number of coaches and CEOs fired by heart and Kotoko? Football analysts will come out with different numbers because they are countless.

The reason is that the teams want the best result but cannot maintain the best players that can make the best result. It is sad that Heart and Kotoko keep selling their superstars and playmakers every season instead of adding more.

It is not surprising we see empty stadia across all football pitches. It will come to a time that fans will not go to the stadium when it is the free gate. Don’t expect delicious soup from the wife without meat.

All the same, we cannot blame the player for seeking greener pastors because their salaries are horrible. GFA visionless is also a key factor!!!

When was the last time that any Ghanaian club won the Africa cup?


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