12th June 2024


There is nothing bitterer than ungratefulness. Women and men, who mostly cheat on the other? This debate had never ended. In the early days, men used to cheat more than women.

In recent times, women use phones to cheat more than men. In the good old days, married wives feared to be dating but today, it is different. Over 30 percent of married couples are still dating.

Is it about sex, money, or fashion? I am not trying to say that married men are angels, no. it is more disgraceful when a married wife is caught dating behind the husband.

The statistic shows, before some ladies may marry, they might have dated more than 20 -50 different men. The final person who marries such a lady is in hell. How can he satisfy her in bed?

The demands of our ladies this time are also a factor. They are never satisfied with whatever wealth they have.

All the same, there are some guys who are more dangerous than women when t comes to cheating.



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