Lionel Messi Wins 7th FIFA Player Of The Year

Lionel Messi has been declared the 77th FIFA men’s player of the year yesterday in French. The other two who were in the keen competition were MbappĂ© and Benzema, all from the France national team.

The other 4 legends who have also won FIFA awards are Cristiano Ronaldo 5, Ronaldo of Brazil 3, Zinedine Zidane 3, and Ronaldinho 2. The women’s FIFA best player of the year went to Alexia Patellas of Spain.

The world FIFA has confirmed that Lionel Messi has no competitors in football history. He is an individual player who has won 7 ballon dors and 7 FIFA awards, this is incredible and needs no debate. It is time, football fans stop comparing the GOAT to any player.



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