Refuse Dump Sites In Techiman Causing Inflammatory Threats!


The people of Techiman in the Bono East region are facing dreadful inflammatory threats due to the continuous burning of refuse dump sites in most places of the regional capital, including the Techiman market, where the traders pay taxes daily. It is sad, one refuse container is burnt but nobody cares!

The most challenging one is the one located in the Mfanti New Town. Apart from the health hazard, it is also dangerous since the main power line of the VRA is directly in the middle of the refuse dump, which has ejected several people from the area due to infections. Other areas severely suffering from refuse burnings are Dagomba Line and Diasempa.

Health experts say people living in the area can easily be infested by emphysema, which damages the lungs. In the rainy seasons, every household in the area suffers from malaria and other health complications.

In about three years, the authorities of the Techman municipal assembly had failed to evacuate the life-threatening refuse located at some centers of the Techiman despite several complaints. However, one cannot deny that the assembly had not evacuated some refuse dump sites in Techiman.

Apart from the inhabitants relocating elsewhere, some shops in the Mfanti New Town have been closed down. The same refuse has blocked one access road linking Goshen.

According to the people, the rubbishes most often fly into homes, rooms, kitchens, and any other spacious places.  Lo and behold, nkyeremu news had our fair share of rubbishes flying all over during the coverage. It is therefore not strange that the people in the area have adopted burning as a measure to evacuate the refuse dump sites in most places in Techiman.

One of the worried inhabitants, Comfort Adubea shares her worries with nkyeremu news.

Health officials approached failed to address the challenges on camera.







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