The True Legends Never Die!

All shall pass away, but the word of the Lord will remain the same always. Similarly, true legends will never die. It has taken more than two decades since the Ghanaian high-life king, Daniel Amakye Dede Abrante3 released a new song.  All the same, his old songs are still hot and played on all occasions.

The secret is, he has a powerful message which cut across with the typical African high-life beat, it is no wonder his songs move both old and the youth on the floor.

One cannot talk about the hottest Ghanaian music legends without mentioning Kwadwo Fosu, known as Dada Lumbar. He is one of the finest musicians that all age groups like. He has a lovely message and a danceable beat at all times. These two lovely musicians will die though, but their songs will never die.

It is time we give them the deserved credit before they die. Show your love now before their tribute messages.

Barima b3 y33 bi- is one of Abrante3’s favorite songs!


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