Ghana Can Grow Better With Private Partnership


The president of the national association of small-scale industries of Ghana, Alhaji Saeed Moonmen has called on the government to give the needed attention to the private sector since they generate the highest revenue in the country.

He said this at Agyeiwaa hotel of Techiman in the Bono East region after the small-scale industries national elections have been held.

The president, Alhaji Saeed Moomen went through popular acclamation together with his national secretary.
The vice-chairman went to Ampim Kwame Samuel

The president, Alhaji Saeed Moomen in his address pleaded with the government to consider the penalty on certificate renewal. He said many of the small scale industries suffer to run their businesses.

He added that the surfaced of Covid19 has worsened the situation of most businesses in the country and wish the government to reconsider the situation.

The president Alhaji Suleman Moomen said when the government comes to aid the private sector Ghanaian economy will boost faster.

Osuman Ibrahim, who is a leather works entrepreneurship in Techiman of the Bono East region also pleaded with the government to give them the needed attention to generate more job opportunities for the youth.


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