Bee Keepers Plead For Honey Extraction Equipment And Uniform


The honey keepers in the Bono East region have pleaded with the government to support them with honey extraction equipment and prospective uniform.

The national headquarters of the National Beekeepers Association of Ghana is in Nkoranza south of the Bono East and its catchment area have over 1,500 members who are all engaged in Beekeeping.

Two of their major challenges been addressed were the traditional method of harvesting the Bee comb and its extraction.

Nkyeremu news director, Takyi Johnson who accompanied some of the Beekeepers to harvest on the day faced the attack and the painful sting of the Bee.

Kenneth Twene pleaded with the government to aid them with well protective uniform for their harvesting. He added that the traditional methods of harvesting Bee comb is more dangerous to live.

He said it would be more advisable for all cashew farmers to add Beekeeping in their farms to increase their production.

He said the Beekeeping helps the cashew plants in pollination to bear more fruits.

Their chairperson, Agnes Pokuaa also called for Bee comb extraction equipment and financial support to increase their production.



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