Boosting Of Bee Keeping Will Create More Job Opportunities In Ghana


The founder and the president of the National Beekeepers Association. , Richard Okoi of Nkoranza south in the Bono East region has pleaded with the government to pay more attention to the Beekeeping which has more advantages than most Farming produce.

He said, apart from its initial stage, there is nothing like feeding which is very expensive and had collapsed several farms in Ghana. He said the Bee produce their own honey without any cost to the farmers.

He added, that properly harvested honey kept in good condition has no expiring date.

The Nkoranza and its catchment area alone has over 1,500 Bee Keepers and over 5,000 across the country.

The national president, Richard Okoi said, the functions of the extracted honey have several medicinal values and also serve as the best replacement of sugar on the dining table.

He said the Bee wax is more demanding and expensive than the honey itself. It is used for soap body cream and hair cream among others.

The president, Richard Okoi is pleading with the government to give the National Beekeepers Association, the deserved attention to creating more job opportunities for Ghanaians. He also called for buyers of their produce.

The national Beehive trainer, Afrifah Albert also pleaded with the government to support them with funds to help the upcoming ones with Beehives.

He said, boosting Beekeeping could help to clamp down illegal migrants situations in the Bono regions.


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