Five Bedroom House Burnt Into Ashes-Techiman-Pomaakrom


Five bedroom house of Techiman- Pomaakrom in the Bono east region has burnt into ashes.

The eight victims in the house including the landlord did not pick anything from the house.

The landlord, Benjamin Adu Yeboah said properties wealth thousands of Ghana cedis including physical Ghana notes currency were all burnt into ashes.

Others include, certificates, traveling documents, passport and ID cards were been destroyed beyond recognition.

He said the late arrival of the fire service to the scene is big worry.

He said so far, Nadmo had only provided them with only an introductory note to solicit for funds during their hard times.

Since then, the victims of the house are lodging with their neighborhood.

The victims are expecting something big from the Nadmo for their livelihood.

The land lord, Benjamin Adu Yeboah speaking to Nkyeremu News team pleaded with the government, individuals, churches and NGOs to help them in kind and in cash to rebuild their demolished house.

He said, since 26th January, 2020 to-date, no government official had supported them with any livelihood.

Sympathisers can donate to the land lord, Benjamin Adu Yeboah on, +233 244095666.


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