Cote D’ Ivoire Still Using 1932 Weighing Scales

La Cote D’ Ivoire is still using 1932 scale to weigh cocoa seed. Nkyeremu news team captured this sad development at Kwasibene a farming community in Asuotiana of Ivory Coast.

Currently, 65 kilos of cocoa is selling at 800 CFA while the government price is over 1000 CFA. The farmers explained that, their government has not yet released money for cocoa. The individuals have therefore determined their own buying price of cocoa.

Those who are not willing to sell at 800 CFA are still keeping their cocoa in their villages. Apart from the money been delayed to purchase their cocoa, the scale been used to weigh the cocoa is questionable.

How they struggle to weigh their cocoa is very pathetic. Until when will the Africa farming going to be attractive?


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