Bono East Immigration Repatriates 80 Togolese


The Bono east regional immigration team have returned eighty illegal immigrants who used unapproved routes to enter the region at the eve of covid19 where all borders are closed.

The Bono east regional assistant immigration commander, Enock Abrokwa Annor and his men did not hesitate and repatriated all of them back to Togo on their own expense.

The regional commander, Enock Abrokwa Annor says they will go strictly by the state rules and deal with any individual or group of persons who may intend using Ghana as their transit point to any neighboring countries.

The commander is worried about our neighboring French-speaking countries who mostly travel without authentic traveling documents. He said due to that, they always use unapproved routes which is against traveling rules and ethics.

He said in February, they returned another group of persons who intended using Ghana as their transit but they were also been arrested through their intelligence team together with police in the region and were returned.

He said Ghana immigration is on its toes and vigilant to arrest and repatriate anybody found using an illegal route as an entry point to Ghana.


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