Misinformation Causes Tension At VRA- NEDCo Offices


Misinformation has led to the long queues and tension at the various NEDCo offices across the country on every 1st month of the year.
The VRA area manager of the Bono East region, Ing Elvis Demnyakor disclosed this to the Nkyeremu News team when they encountered poor network system.

The VRA area manager says, the VRA and the NEDCo also use same Vodafone and Mtn networks and their networking failure services have no respect of any individual or company.
He pleaded with Ghanaians to exercise patience with the NEDCo since it is never their intention to render bad services to their clients.

Ing Elvis Demnyakor says, abut 80 percent of their customers buying power on the first of every month is also a big contributing factors causing pressure, long queues and tension at the NEDCo offices across the country.

He explained that, customers can choose to buy their power at any date of the month and can’t either increase or decrease their credit.

He also explains that, their new metres supplied have some challenges when one want wants to buy power. He says it is only their main NEDCo offices that can address them since long queues.

On the question of why not using iron polls been resistant to bush fires, he said electing of new power extensions are mandatory to their ministry.

The area manager, Ing Elvis Demnyakor has more to tell.


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