Bono East Regional Minister Assures To Halt Road Robbery


The Bono east regional minister, hon Kwasi Adu Gyan has assured to provide enough security to beef up measures on highly targeted roads by the armed robbers in the Bono east region.

He said the regional coordinating council would team up to provide all the necessary security apparatus to face the armed robbers in the region.

The minister said, they have added all their intelligence men on the grounds to help them in this operations to halt robbery in the Bono east region exercise.

The minister has pleaded with individuals to alert the police and the REGSEC without any fears to help apprehend all suspected persons in their neighborhood.

Another area that the regional minister called for calm is chieftaincy issues. He said out of the 19 paramount seats in the Bono east region, only 9 of them have been officially confirmed.

He said it would be in just and unfair to sit on the beach to allow violence and loss of lives and properties to go on while we can all help to fight the menace.


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