Bono East To Ban Children Under 18 From Ridding Motor Tricycles


The Bono east regional minister, hon Kwasi Adu Gyan has urged the Techiman municipal assembly to make a bye law which will be enforced by the police to arrest and prosecute any person ridding or driving motorcycle below 18 years.

The minister said, the DVLA should also assist the police to effect arrest and impound all vehicles on road without proper documents.

Hon Kwasi Adu Gyan says their aim is to get all school going pupils to school. He said the Pragia motor tricycles and the motor king transporting had dropped many of the youth from schooling and do not auger well for the free SHS policy.

The regional minister said this in response to Oseadeyo Akumfi Ameyaw iv on school drop outs and road indisciplaine .

The minister on the same day held his first meeting with the Techiman municipal assembly members. He urged them to be more collaborative in their working departments to achieve their goals.

In another development, Oseadeyo Akumfi Ameyaw iv the Omanhen of the Techiman traditional area, urged politicians to cultivate the habit of continuity and stop partisanship when it comes to developments.

Oseadeyo pleaded with the regional minister, hon Kwasi Adu Gyan to speed up the task ahead of him since his mandatory period is short.


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