Accept Jesus, People Around You Will Deny You


Many of your friends and close people around you including your own family will deny you in time of need.

The only person who doesn’t fail his promise is Jesus Christ.

Why then wasting your time on friends? When you fall sick for few months look at those who will still be in touch with your company.

People cherish you now due to your position, cash, and beauty. When you lose these three, look at those that may call you or visit you.

Look at this driver, his car is fully loaded with tyres but none could help him when he had a flat tyres. This is the situation people with many friends face in times of trouble.

It will be good to have few friends around you to have fun and share ideas but never bury yourself in a tall list friendship.

Let Jesus Christ from today be your friend, brother, family head, and adviser.

Jesus Christ doesn’t cease to function at all provided you will go by his words.


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