12th June 2024


The Techiman Holy Family hospitals in the Bono East region have screened over 800 persons with eye cases, 288 of them were successfully operated.

About 85 percent of them who were living with cataracts cases and some partially blinds have regained their sight after being operated on by the Techiman Holy Family Eye Clinic Specialist, Dr. Osei Bonsu Agyemang.

Dr. Osei Bonsu Agyemang and his team in a day operated 25-30 cataracts cases. About 85 percent of the patients’ eyes were being replaced with artificial eye lenses.

86 years old woman after being successfully eye-operated showers blessings to the theater team.

Dr. Osei Agyemang recommended people above 45 years visit eye clinics at least once a year for early treatment.

In February this year, the same eye clinic team led by Dr. Osei Agyemang treated many patients who were completely blind to regain their sight.

Dr. Osei Agyemang is calling on the NGOs and individuals to support the Techiman Holy Family Eye Clinic with funds to treat the poor persons suffering from eye diseases.

Techiman Holy Family Hospital Eye Clinic is pleading for your financial support and in kind.
Address to the administration: +233244841247

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