Audit Jaman North District Assembly With Immediate Effect

The people of Jaman North in the Bono region are calling for the immediate accountability since the assembly has failed to hold assembly meetings over the years.

One of the Assemblyman in the area, hon. Okra Andrews says, their internally generated fund made in district alone can fix most of the bad roads in the district.

Hon Okra Andrews explained that, their annual revenue made from cashew is good enough to fix some of their district capital roads.

He indicated that, they held only 2 assembly meetings in 2017. In 2018, only one assembly meeting was being held. From 2019, 2020 and 2021 no assembly meeting had been held.

He added that, the assembly members can not tell what the Jaman north assembly earned in all these years they failed to hold assembly meetings.

The worried people say, most of the fresh cashew seeds go rotten in the bush due to conveyance to the market centre. These challenges have become a threat to the cashew farmers and their business partners.

Others who spoke to the media say, Jaman North is in total deficit of development but the authorities in the district are adamant to their challenges.

Due to the bad nature of their roads, drivers charge unrealistic sum of money for short distances.

Sampa, Duadaso and Wenchi roads are in deplorable state but all plea by the chiefs to fix the roads in the area had fallen on deaf ears.


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