Techiman Municipality Needs Collaborative Efforts To Fight Covid19 Cases

The municipal health director of Techiman in the Bono East region, Dr Kwabena Fosuhene has called for collaborative efforts to combat the spread of covid19 in the municipality.
He disclosed this during the Techiman municipal health directorate mid year review at Bonokyempim hall.

Dr Kwabena Fosuhene has pleaded with the people to address the pandemic as a serious threat virus affecting more people in the later part of June- August, 2021 in the Techiman municipality.

The Techiman Municipality is among the latest catchment areas in the country leading the covid19 virus on ratio base.

Latest update in the Techiman municipality is as follows; confirmed cases 769, active cases 115 and deaths 28.

He says it is therefore pragmatic and needs holistic approach to tackle the covid19 cases with the needed attention.

Dr Kwabena Fosuhene is urging all Ghanaians to still follow all protocols to avert the deadly pandemic since the security alone cannot strictly enforced everyone to follow the protocols.

He pleaded with Ghanaians to visit the health centre when they feel any sign of illness for immediate redress.

The municipal health director, Dr Kwabena Fosuhene has more to tell.


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