When Will Ghana Add Value To Our Raw Materials?

Until when will Ghana add more value to our raw materials produced?

How can we keep boasting as the second highest cocoa producer of the world and still exporting the raw beans abroad?

Have our economists forgotten that any product being sold at its raw state has no value?

Cashew for instance has no fixed price here in Ghana. Are we serious as a nation at all.

If our early leader made mistakes by being signed woefully agreement on our mineral resources what about the our oil which was only signed not too long ago?

It’s sad we have leaders who can’t think outside the box. Are they not short sighted?

Again, they consider their fair share of the agreements than what the nation benefits.
All our timber logs were cut and exported at the least cost as if Ghanaians don’t know the uses of timber.

How could we continue to export everything at its green stage and talk about job creation?
How many of the factories in Ghana can boast of raw materials to go into larger production?

Until when will our leaders who only speak big English reason up?


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