Demolition Of Unapproved Buildings Should Be Enforced

The only way to get rid of continuous flooding in Ghana is to demolish unapproved buildings in waterlogged areas and water ways. The Techiman municipal physical planning officer, Kwame Asante Agyemang said this is an interview with Nkyeremu.

He says it’s sad some land owners release waterlogged areas for people to develop knowing the outcome.

Kwame Asante says it is however pity these developers also fail to approach physical planning offices for advice. He says they only see their mistakes when it rains.

Eventually, the burden of these unfortunate developers become national challenged.

The municipal physically planning officer is pleading with traditional chiefs and other land owners to coherently use the offices of the physical planning before releasing any piece of land for development.

Kwame Asante says it is never a solution to provide building materials to a flood victims to rebuild in the same flooded area knowing the catchment area floods yearly.

Kwame Asante Agyemang however, called for relocation and demolition as a lasting solutions to people settling in the water ways and flooded areas.

He says it is a responsibility of everyone to go by the rules governing building permits before even land markings are made. He says it will help to provide well designed road maps with proper layouts in cities and communities.


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