Military Takeover That Didn’t Record One Death Is Better Than Civilian That Records More Deaths In Election

First instance, they didn’t spend money on the takeover.

Point number two, they will bring instance justices when necessary.

Thirdly, they will deploy only few in their administration to spend less.

For the example, boards like SSNIT and Cocoa board who receive over 70, 000 cedis every month will be cancelled.

Four years ex gratia solely for our politicians and other government appointees will all be cancelled.

All these waste can be used wisely to provide potable water for our rural communities.

Our own money been used by the politicians to build hotels and mansions for their families will become state owned properties.

How can politicians who receive over 20,000 cedis as their monthly salary received an increase of 70% and the poor public workers who take home less than 1,500 cedis slapped with 4%? These auger for military rule.

If you don’t like military rule what again? Nsem bi y3 ahi!!!


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