Sene East People Neglect Of Social Amenities

Residents of the Sene East District in the Bono East region have expressed concern about the total neglect of social amenities. The district has been deprived of good roads, schools, health, and water.

Notably among such communities are; Kajeji the district capital of the Sene East, Kojokrom-Chaboba Nyankotre, Nsuoano, and Dadetoklo among others.

The residents accused the current government of not continuing the projects started by the NDC administration and now causing a lot of inconveniences to the people living in the area.

Abandoned projects such as Atebubu – Kwame Danso – Kajeji – Kojokrom road, Kojokrom-Chaboba. Others are; Dadetoklo Boys and Girls dormitories, Dining hall complex, and administration block at Kajeji SHS. In their tall list includes bridges and boreholes among others that have been abandoned.

They say the bad nature of their roads had attributed to the increasing number of road robberies in the area. The farm produces in the Kajaji and Kwame Danso catchment areas mostly get rotten during rainy seasons.

A former Presiding member for the area, Mr. F K Nkrumah told our news team that all efforts to address the above-mentioned challenges had proved futile.

As a result, the Kajaji market supplying foodstuff and fish to other parts of the country has been shattered.


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