Teachers Laptop Will Enhance Quality Education In Diverse Ways

The Techiman municipal director of education, John Kwadwo Amissah has said, the laptops given to teachers would help them to have immediate access to information since the laptop contains all the needed ingredients for teaching and learning.

He said this to Nkyeremu news during the distribution of the laptops in the Techimam municipal education directorate of the Bono East region.

On day two of the laptops distribution, 125 had already been distributed out of the 396.

The director says the laptops were being manufactured by the KA technology, the latest version of Windows ten. He says their laptop has components most relevant to augment teaching and learning.

The director, John Kwadwo Amissah says the requirements necessary for the teachers’ weekly forecast and daily lesson notes are all included.

He has challenged the teachers to update themselves with the ICT since most of the school children know better.

He added that, within the shortest possible time, teachers without the knowledge of ICT will be compiled to face out.

In the less privileged communities, the government has a good plan to address their challenge to help both the teachers and the pupils have equal access to the ICT. The director of education said.


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