As If They Were Not Humans!!!!

Could you kindly reflect on these tombs? How are your emotions about these last-lasting homes?

Are they resting in peace as we normally write on our wreaths of our parting relatives?

Could we say one is resting in peace in the enclosed box?

Are we not deceiving ourselves with the heavenly words when one passes on?

In our early honoured and respected days, the cemetery was one of the most fearful places. Today, this is where our young guys and ladies have full fans and do other minuses.

In those days, old-aged men led by Abusuapani led the family to the morgue. Today, women lead men to the morgue. Should you be told that the end is NEAR?

Today, we see these graves and ignore them as if They Were Not Humans.

Kofi Takyi is deeply worried, share with me.


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