Collapse Of NHIS Largely Depends On Health Providers

Reports gathered from the National Health Insurance Scheme active members indicate, most of their prescribed drugs are more expensive than what they buy from the market with the same brand.

They complained that over 90 percent of drugs covered by the NHIS issued to them are cheaper. However, drugs been prescribed to them are too expensive to afford.

They say it becomes useless for them to waste their only to see a medical consultant at the hospital without medicine.

The NHIS officials are not happy with the unfortunate development between the health providers and their clients who are the pivot and the backbone of NHIS.

The Techiman municipality has 46 health providers with an active membership of 248,799. This data was recorded in June 2021.

The Techiman municipal NHIS MIS, Seth Amponsah confirmed that the sustainability of the NHIS largely depends on the health providers.

He challenged the health providers to deliver the best services to their clients since they will suffer most when NHIS is collapsed.


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