It Is Punishable To Use Drivers License To Ride Motorbike

It is a great offense and punishable by law to use any form of driver’s license to ride a motorbike. The road regulations insist that any rider should have license A.

He explained further that motorbike and tricycle riding is different from the four-wheel vehicle and needs different training skills though the road regulations are the same.

He says the acquisition of the driver’s license is a process that includes eye testing, road signs, and skills in driving and riding.

The Bono east DVLA boss, Victor Ekow Takyi Sagoe disclosed to the Nkyeremu news that their investigations have demonstrated that, many drivers have crashed and died when riding motorbikes.

The DVLA Boss stressed that drivers with an International license and F have not mandatory to ride without the rider’s A license.

Victor Ekow Takyi Sigoe says the DVLA is so strict on the license issues to reduce road carnages. He says is solely issued to persons with a sound mind, good eyes sight, and those above 18 years.

He stressed that DVLA goes by the above-mentioned conditions to ensure that licenses are issued to persons without question marks.

He says the license issued is to be renewed every two years and expires after six years for a replacement. He says many people fail to renew their licenses due to ignorance.


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