12th June 2024

Over 90 percent of road accidents in Ghana according to the MTTD police research is human error which could have been prevented.
The Bono East regional MTTD police commander, chief superintendent, Daniel Oppong Asirifi told Nkyeremu News.

It has been noted by the MTTD police that, unnecessary overspending and overtaking alone constitute about 50 percent of road crashes in Ghana.

The chief Supt, Daniel Oppong Asirifi says, road signs communicate to drivers but that is not the only solution to road accidents. He emphasized that when the road sign tells you to speed up to 50kmph and it starts raining then apply your sense to reduce speeding up.

He further says, even when the traffic signal is green don’t just drive on when there is danger ahead. The MTTD commander explains further that, the speeding of a loaded vehicle and empty vehicle should not be the same speed due to balancing and frictional forces.

The chief Supt., says lack of car maintenance, particularly the brakes, headlights, and wipers are paramount to fix at all times.

He says driving for long periods without rest is highly risk to claim lives. Speaking to the Nkyeremu news, he pleaded with both passengers and drivers to take some rest when they travel about 4 hours.

The MTTD commander makes a plea to the vehicles owners to ensure their commuters are roadworthy as Christians are getting closer.

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