12th June 2024

Frankmay home is one of the finest Home Care in Ghana. The home has raised several babies under breastfeeding and some have now obtained their first degree. This is the home where the total biological parental care is been exhibited. Solomon Kwaku Amazing, the acting Social Welfare Director of the Techiman Municipal in the Bono East region told Nkyeremu News.

Frankmay is a private nongovernmental organization owned by Mr. Francis Apus and Coo Dir. Mrs. Mary Wuntimah. It was established in 2007 with only 4 children but has now over 100 children.

Their ambition to cater to the orphanage and abandoned children is now a success story as they have raised university graduates all natured from Frankmay home.

The Social Welfare Director, Solomon Kwaku Ananing commended Frankmay for their support to the needy with financial support, education, clothing, food, among other general goods. He praised Fankmay again for donations to the needy far and near.

Coo Dir., Mary Wuntimah tells what makes Frank may an outstanding home. She pleaded for funds to increase their enrollment.

Faustina Afrah who was so touched by the donations speaks to Nkyeremu News.

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