Bono East EPA To Enforce Spot Fine Of Gh3,000 On Noise Making


The Bono East region EPA is going all out to ensure a spot fine of Gh3,000 for unnecessary noise-making in public places. It is on record that many people have turned deaf due to noise making in their catchment areas.

As a result, several people have developed high blood pressure(BP). To large extent, noise-making has made their victims insane.

The Bono east regional Director of EPA, Anthony Duah addressing the stakeholders in their one-day workshop at the Premier Palace Hotel hall says the EPA will enforce the law by prosecuting drinking spots, churches, mosques, and industries causing a nuisance to the public.

He added that they will soon issue warning letters to all those abusing the EPA rules on noise-making.

One of the stakeholders, in the person of Alhaji Hashir Alhassan, the spokesperson for the Bono East Chief Imman condemned the public noise making.

Lawyer Alhaji Amadu Bermah Suleman, the Bono East EPA lawyer stresses the punitive that one may face for making unnecessary public noise.




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