Old Guys Will Be Ordering For These Food

There are several reasons been attributed to our illness of late. There is no debate about our canned food intake and its consequences. We have shifted from our rich traditional food to foreign food which we don’t know their origin.

How many homes these days cook our traditional food for their family? The moment one misses the track of his tradition things start falling apart. It is therefore not strange to see a teenager suffering from high blood pressure among other deadly diseases.

Mothers these days prefer to buy takeaway simply because they don’t have the taste of our traditional food. They had forgotten simple home-cooked food has all that the body needs without any side effects.

The nutritionist will tell you to rely mostly on our traditional food. This is the main reason why our old mothers were able to give birth to ten or more without being operated on.

After reading this piece, try to rely mostly on the Ghanaian local food for your good health and long life.


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