Jaman South To See Immediate Developments From 2022-MCE

Failure to manage and utilize the internally generated funds have badly affected most assemblies in Ghana. The secret of new developments in the Jaman South is the proper utilization of common funds.

In our special reports, the MCE of the Jaman South, Hon Andrews Bediako says depending largely on the national cake for development will be a failure since the turnover is limited. He was on point that, without much focus, determination and vision, hardly could assemblies in Ghana see progress.

The MCE speaking to Nkyeremu News says most of the ongoing projects currently undertaken in the municipality are from their IGF. He however commended the government for coming to the conclusion to raise funds to complete the Jaman municipal assembly office, which has been suspended for several years.

He admitted that roads are the major challenge in the Jaman south. His few years in office as the MCE has proven that he is a man of action and not by words. Kwasibuokrom roads which have been a topic for decades have now seen a drastic change. The KBK Japekrom link road which was a deaf trap is now motorable.

Nkyeremu News witnessed several access roads in KBK, Drobo, and Japekrom in good shape. The municipality over the years had never witnessed such facelifts.

The MCE gave assurance that developments will be evenly shared to where they deserve. He pleaded with the traditional leaders to bury differences and focus on developments rather. The MCE says roads, health, education, water, and power supply are the priorities he has targeted to accomplish before he leaves office.

The MCE, Andrews Bediako has more to add.


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