Adoption Of Western Culture Breeds Fornication And Teenage Pregnancy

Studies show adoption of foreign culture has contributed to early sex, teenage pregnancies, and hard drugs among other minuses. The former MCE of the Wenchi Municipality in the Bono region, Hon Haji Ibrahim Bintu Fariza told nkyeremu news.

Hon Hajia Bintu says the people of Wenchi observe the annual Kurubi festival to maintain their culture, protect early sex, bring unity, and raise funds for development.  She says the celebration of the Kurubi festival emerges the local people and diasporas.

She noted that Wenchi municipality has a high rate record of teenage pregnancies and school dropouts. She says it only takes such intervention to educate and curb the menace. Wenchi municipal health directorate from January 2021 to November recorded 615 teenage pregnancies with several school dropouts. Sourced from Modern Ghana news

2022 Wenchi Kurubi festivals celebration started on Friday and ended Sunday after 5 pm. The occasion was aimed at ensuring puberty rites among the people of Banda. Over 1,500 girls mounted on the stage signifying their holiness. It is a pride for the families and the girls who have maintained their virginity.

Maintaining their rich culture, the old traditional food meals were been prepared by the old aged women to serve for free. In fact, it was the best delicacy for the aged and the youth as well. Drumming and dancing had no barrier at the Wenchi Banda national festival, both old and the youth were on the dancing floor.

The Kurubi national festival celebration provided free registration of new NHIS membership and card renewal. Hon Ibrahim Bintu Fariza disclosed that they have provided ICT with tables and chairs to help students of Wenchi.

Several chiefs came in their numbers to grace the occasion, among them are Nana Akora Tuah Adu Twumi the Twafohene of the Wenchi Traditional Area, the Banda chief of greater Accra, Alhaji Seidu Adam Babah among others.

Hon Hajia Ibrahim Bintu Fariza the former MCE of Wenchi has more to tell



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