Plan About Your Future, Guys Can’t Solve Your Problems

I have tasted guys from all the four cardinal points, but still failed to see happiness. Guys are more dangerous, detectives, and cruel. Pick a lesson from my personal experiences. Don’t forget that the beauty of a woman fades faster than a tomato.

You call yourself a slay queen today, guys are cheering you in a few years you will be outmoded. It will be better to start dreaming about a new vocation rather.

Guys rush for pretty and fashionable ladies, but none preferred to marry them. They use such ladies for fun and satisfaction only.

Apart from wasting your time on men, spending a huge amount of money on clothes to look nice only pave way for the evil to grip you the more. I guess your pieces of clothes and other belonging could have given you a trade. Try to give a break to dynamic materials, it will be the latest today next few months oldest.

My dear reader, don’t forget, that the biggest sin that God condemned in the Bible is the sin of fornication.

Change today and think about judgment day!


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