Is Ghana Cursed Or Our Leaders Don’t Use Their Heads?

With well-sounded leadership, Ghana should have been one of the well-developed countries. Ghana is blessed with everything that matters to have advanced in development, yet, our leaders always seeking IMF intervention. I see this as mind sickness.

Ghana is blessed with all mineral resources, with the best fertile land, yet still, we import common tomato, onion, and other vegetables which don’t make any sense.

Ghana is blessed, with oil, quarry stones, timber, cocoa, coffee, sea, and more that cannot be mentioned still, about 95% of our road networks are in a horrible state. As some countries construct roads in the sea, Ghana cannot fix common roads.

If we had processed our raw material into finished goods, I don’t think that we will be seeking an IMF bailout. After several years, why can’t Ghana process cocoa and common fruit juices like watermelon, orange mango, and tomato?

It is sad we have leaders who mostly think of their personal gain while in office. Ghanaians kick against exgratia, but our politicians will not listen since it is in their favour.

We live in this highly indebted country, but some people earn over 100,000 Ghana cedis in a month, yet people in authority see it to be normal.

Will you be surprised if the military takes over one day?

Is  Ghana cursed, or our leaders don’t use their heads?



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