Unregistered Sim Cards Blocking Is A Sick Decision!

It is very unfortunate for some Ghanaian leaders in this country to take a very ill decision like blocking all unregistered sim cards without reasons to know that we use the Ghana card for the sim card registration.

Did the few who came out with this information know that more than 50 percent of Ghanaians still haven’t received their Ghana cards?

Are the authorities aware of the number of days, weeks, and months that people had spent on the Ghana card? Some people passed the night at the Ghana card registration centers and had still not received theirs. It is alleged some people pay 200-500 cedis for their express Ghana card. This is what the communication minister has to address, and not cheap talk about blocking all unregistered sim cards.

It is time that our authorities think big and takes decisions that will help build a better Ghana and also help the people well.


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