Let Ghana Legalizes Marijuana For Medicial Purposes

Let Ghana legalizes marijuana for medical purposes! In some developed countries like Canada, Peru, Netherlands, and Jamaica, people openly smoke marijuana in their coffee shops. Apart from smoking, which many people see as bad for ill health, it is one of the best plants for medicinal and for hair treatment.

Most painkillers and drugs used at the theatres contain marijuana, whereas Ghana is blessed with the best soil that is ready for commercial production to feed our empty factories across the country.

Its value is in 100s folds as compared to cocoa and other farm produce. Comparing the two, it is better than the gold that destroys all fertile land and pollutes our water bodies. Apart from all that, mining has killed more people than those who have been killed through smoking.

There are several approaches to adapt to produce it for medicinal without consuming it. It will give Ghana the best revenue than anything else.




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