Al Hilal FC Of Saudi Arabia In Negotiation To Sign Messi With 300 Million Euros Per Year

Al Helal football club of Saudi Arabia has planned to sign Lionel Messi with a 300 million euros per year contract. This will be the biggest contract deal in football history.

Will Lionel Messi also consider money and leave the noted football countries? Will it be possible to assemble both Messi and Ronaldo in one club? Don’t also forget that, Messi has not completely finished his contract deal with PSG, looking at the package.

This means, when we subtract the days of the weekends, Messi in every single day will earn more than 1 million euros.

Why Messi may not accept this juicy offer, Messi has the ambition to beat Ronaldo’s goals scored in the Champions League to complete his mission in football.



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