Beware Of Fake Prophets!

The Holy Bible says that fake prophets will be known for their deeds. The congregation should be extra careful about such prophets, for they will lead you astray when you follow them.

Their attitude and actions will tell you whether they are the true men of God. If you are my followers, text all churches, and you will know which is the true church.

Is it not too early for Hon Kennedy Agyapong who sings wars songs, fights them, and reigned insults on the former president, John Mahama, a sitting judge, the sitting IGP, including his own party now turned a waiter? President Nana Akufo Addo in 2016 came so low and dined with the vulnerable.

Today he charters an expensive plane for his trip. Similarly, Dr Bawumia 2016 started pounding fufu for others, how is he today?

These are the preachers I warn you to be extra careful about if you really need salvation in heaven.

If Paul the murderer in the Bible changed, Hon Kennedy Agyapong can also be a true gospel preacher though! But I still warn you about the multiplying fake prophets during the last few days.




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