The Legends Don’t Last!

Many people don’t understand why the legends don’t last. The Messiah, Jesus Christ, did not last. The Messiah Jesus Christ was crucified at the age of 33 though he did not commit any crime.

The reggae King, Bob Marley, dead at only 36. His sudden death is still fresh in the minds of many reggae music fans. It is not strange that reggae fans celebrate his death every May, 11th.

The African reggae king, lucky Dubé, was shot dead in 2007 at age 43 in broad daylight while driving in town. He was murdered when the whole world needed him to perform at the first world cup hosted in South Africa in 2006.

The number one music king of the world up to date, Michel Jackson also died at the age of 53. The early deaths of legendaries have become a worry to many people around the world.



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