Former President John Mahama’s Second Coming Creates Mixed Reactions

Former president john Mahama’s second coming as the presidential candidate for the NDC has created mixed emotions. Many have the view that he will win the presidential primaries with ease. The question that may keep asking is, can the former president convenience Ghanaians to win the 2024 general elections despite the hardship situation of Ghanaians?

Some people wish a new face would have been giving the NDC a clearer chance than the former president, John Mahama. However, the NDC giants believe, that former president John Mahama is more credible when compared NPP government and his administration.

The former national campaign chairman of the NDC for the 2020 elections, professor Joshua Alabi represented the former president to pick the nomination form. Two more candidates have also declared their intentions to follow suit.

There have been several comments coming from the NPP that, the former president has nothing better to offer Ghanaians in 2024. We wait to see it!

Comparing the former president, john Mahama, and the NPP’s presidential aspirants, who can win the 2014 presidential elections?





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