My Age Scares Me- Hajia4Real!

Hajia4real was born on June 26th, 1992 to a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother. Her real name is Mona Faiz Montrageshe. She attended primary and middle school in Tamale, Ghana. She is a Ghanaian businesswoman and media personality.

She became more famous when she started slaying on social media and in public places with her outstanding beauty. She is now an entrepreneur, dealing in both local and foreign. She is one of the young female Ghanaians who can command money.

Houses and vehicles are no more issues for her. After age 31, Hajia4Real noticed that marriage has become her biggest nightmare. She mostly faces sleepless nights due to her husband.

Is it that men have denied her, or she has no respect for any guy? Guys may think that they will be serving her instead of being the head of the family. It is on record that, over 95 percent of rich ladies are still single.

You can push forward, maybe prayers can change things for you.



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