Age Is Just A Number- Nana Ama Mcbrown

Life is what you make it, you can decide whether to grow faster or not. All is about you. In the first place, be a free-minded person at all times. Don’t dream over old issues that only bring worries. Let the body and the soul always feel free and relaxed.

It is a fact that nobody can cheat nature but at certain times, we play major roles to get older than the real age. In the same vein, some people also always look younger than their real age.

Today, Nana Ama is not talking about artificial body injections but showing how to maintain the body. Addicting to drugs and alcohol will let one looks pale, and it can lead to early death.

She said age is only a number, which can be managed to look younger than the real age and vice versa.

Never let age distrusts you, somebody at 80 looks younger than another at 50.  Age is how you manage it, apart from accidents.









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