TCDA Adopted A New Strategy To Improve Ghanaian Cashew Quality To Meet International Standards-CEO

TCDA has adopted a new strategy to improve the quality of Ghanaian cashew seeds, which declined in the 2023 season. The CEO of the Tree Crops Development Authority CEO, Hon Willian Agyapong Quaoitto disclosed this at the Techiman Bamire during the end-of-year meeting.

According to the CEO, a five-year strategic framework (2022–2027) would enhance the regulatory and policy settings that allow for the effective use of investments from the public and private sectors to promote equitable and sustainable growth in the tree crop subsector.

William Agyapong, the former deputy minister of agriculture, begged farmers to grow high-quality cashew seeds to meet the demands of the global market. The CEO, Hon. Agyapong, says it was regrettable that the low quality of cashew seeds caused the cashew price to fall in the latter half of 2023.

He further urged the farmers to ensure they dry their seeds well and remove all the bad seeds before selling them to the buyers.

In his speech, TCDA CEO Hon. William Agyapong Quaittoo stated that experts are visiting cashew farms to teach them how to adapt and produce high-quality cashew seeds so they can reclaim the top rank.

In 2022, Ghana’s cashew nut exports were valued at just over $300 million in US dollars. It’s a smaller value than the previous year, but still a record high. The biggest growth in export value occurred between 2016 and 2017 when it went from over 230 million US dollars to almost 390 million US dollars.

Speaking to the Nkyeremu News, Mumuni Issah, the chairman of the Cashew Traders and Exporters Association of Techiman, begged all cashew growers to produce high-quality seeds that will meet worldwide standards.