When will Ghana experience 12 dual carriageway?



Is it about vision or capital that had denied Ghana from such development?

Ghana has all that it takes to reach such advancement but due to greed and selfishness our people in authority alway fail to think outside the box.

About 150,000 contract work here in Ghana will be budgeted for 400,000 Ghana cedis. The rest of the money will pocketed by the government officials without questioning.

This bad practices is very common in Africa countries.

Again, if the parliament even approves 4 dual carriageway here in Ghana the work execution will be 2 dual carriageway. The explanation will be that long delay and dollar rate have affected the contract sum.

Apart from the above, change of government may also change the whole road work designs to suit the interest of the current government.

Therefore, what is the possibility to have a 12 dual carriageway of such standard in Ghana?


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