The Traditional And Social Media Marrriages

Traditional and social media marriages have several variations. In social media marriages, the couple only got to know themselves through the internet and other social media platforms. They got to know themselves through pictures, which are mostly deceptive in age.

Again, the couple doesn’t know the characters of each other, their religions, and many others among cultural variations, the tribes may also come in.

In most cases, they only arrange with their friends to be their family heads and get married. They mostly marry without any proper counselling. It is not a surprise, some can marry and call for divorce in the next month.

When it comes to traditional marriages, there are several consultations from both families and their churches as well. Before the bride and the bridegroom are married, it means that the couple and the two families have all agreed on the marriage.

In fact, because the couple comes from well-deserved homes, their types of wear are unique when compared to social media marriages which others call fast connection. Don’t forget that any simple marriage also breaks simply.


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